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Cannon Blaster Template for GameSalad!

Create your own Cannon Blaster Game (like Angry Birds and such) with a fraction of time!


Cool cannon blaster template with many actors, like: – CannonBall and Cannon 😉 – Default hard block(collision) – Default decor block(passable) – Default movable block(will be moved by ball collision) – Default heavy block (the default shot will not move it much) – Default destroyable block ( will be destroyed by one shot) – Default destroyable block x 3 counter ( will be destroyed by three ball collisions, explosion will destroy other blocks, very easy to set) – Platform rotate ( only rotates when collision with ball is started, will send back, it’s a cool effect) – Cannon Shots Counter( will change image for the player to know how many shots he has) – Enemy Type 1, size 100, can be killed – Enemy Type 2, size 40, can be killed – Enemy Type 3, size 100, cannot be killed, collision with ball gives it megaspeed – Enemy Type 4, rectangle, balls stops and falls when colliding with it Includes also a very nice in game HUD, with a “look button” that shows the level for 3 seconds then returns to start position; all the in game menus are working and are very simple to set. To use this template you must be familiar with GameSalad and its main functions (Intermediate).

NOTE: You don’t get the spruced artwork, but get a complete base to work on. As a gift, you get some artwork goodies, like a cartoon explosion animation, used in this template!

PS: This is not a direct download. After you pay please attend 48 hours until a direct download link is sent to you . Thank You.

Please copy paste into your web browser the following code to buy:


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