Super Flip Runner Now on iTunes!

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Hi everyone,


It’s been a while, but Limpo Arts is working on an new iOS title, done with Unity 3D.


Stay tuned, more news soon!


Hello everyone!

Super Flip Runner has received an update!

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

New scenario, “Alien World”.
Fixed several graphical bugs and glitches.
Now the game doesn’t restart everytime you die, everything is recycled, so virtually any loading times.

Our new game, Super Pixel Eat, has got an original soundtrack by Mr. Henry Homesweet! 8- bit Power!!!



My game was mentioned in! I’m glad the game is being very well received!

“Super Flip Runner – I’m well aware that there are other games that involve running, jumping, and flipping through random and endless environments. I’m also well aware that a lot of people (myself included) have a thing for retro-styled pixilated visuals. And that even more people tend to like free stuff.”



New Limpo Arts game

available on the App Store


Lisbon, May 22nd 2012 : the new Limpo Arts game has hit the US App Store – it’s Super Flip Runner where you have to run for as long as you can!

After Super Candy Mayhem being released on April 30th, destined to everyone in the family but especially the younger members, Super Flip Runner is for the casual male player between 15-35 who wants to let some steam off.

To play, you’ll need good reflexes to jump between buildings, overcoming obstacles that get in your way, either jumping, or completely flipping the gameplay! You can run flipped, running on the top buildings! As you go further and further, the speed goes up too.

Everytime you play Super Flip Runner, a new completely random level starts. So everytime you start, a new challenge begins.


Every month, the game will receive an update, with new scenarios and buildings, for added variety! Super colored graphics and cool light effects, mixed with a 8 bit style, this game will keep everyone addicted!



Check the game trailer in

Super Flip Runner is completely FREE to download.

Super Candy Mayhem continues to be downloaded all over the world, now in more than 20 countries!

United States and China are the main downloaders, followed by asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and european countries like the UK, France and Portugal. In China, the game is featured in many sites.

Thanks everyone, keep supporting Super Candy Mayhem!